Exceptional experiences


We can offer you two ways to discover our exceptional events in Paris

Our most prestigious option, wich offers the opportunity for the most discoveries, is to participate in exclusive events in Paris called Connoisseur Days. Each event is unique. Our carefully planned programmes are the fruit of a long creative process. Choose the theme which best suits you and enjoy a unique programme of exclusive meetings and visits which take place over two or three days.

What’s more, following the latest trends, we select popular French restaurants in Paris and chic soirées especially for you. For your accomodation, we choose lesser-known options such as private villas in Paris or unique apartments.

The Connoisseur Days are exclusive events in Paris deditacted to the French gastronomy and wines, luxury and  fashion

The number of places for Connoisseur Days is deliberately restricted in order to preserve the ethos of our encounters – intimate luxury on a human scale.

Some of our experiences can also be tailored for one-day or half-day events. We can plan experiences or events to suit  your needs or the needs of a specific occasion, in collaboration with both businesses and individuals.

Find your inspiration by consulting our Tailored Experiences section.

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