Limited-edition Wine Tasting

A tasting of rare French wines


You are invited to discover unique, limited-edition wines. This rich and surprising gustatory experience will allow you to appreciate unique wines which will excite your senses with distinctive tastes and aromas. Much like the world of Haute Couture, each wine possesses its own “signature”.

Here are two examples of collections from this remarkable art de vivre :
- Les vins Épîtres - Très Très Vieille Vigne : Aged wines, with limited production and intense flavour, produced from a 75+ year old cépage.
- Les vins Éphémères : Fantastic vintages, unusual blends, one-time-only productions.

You will be able to savour these wines in the very best Michelin-starred restaurants.

Practical information

Tasting of 6-10 “signature” wines presented by their creator.
You will be offered a choice of prestigious locations for this tasting session.
Prices available on request.

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