Wine - Secret Visit

Visit a wine-producing Château hidden in the heart of Paris

A secret wine tasting visit

Discover Paris’s one-and-only private vineyard. Hidden in the heart of West Paris, this private estate is preserved by an ancient aristocratic family of wine producers.

Restricted to private visits, this verdant and hidden gem offers you the chance to delve into the world of a prestigious French family and enjoy a course in oenology, including a tasting session, followed by a gastronomic dinner or lunch.

This is an exceptional, secret location for rare wine lovers and tasting experiences.

Practical Information

Visits to the vineyard and wine cellar include the history of the Île-de-France vineyard, an overview of the private estate, a tasting of 4 wines from the family domain, a tasting of 1 wine from Paris, an apéritif cocktail, and a seated dinner.                                          

Number of visitors: up to 100 persons

Price: on demand 

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