Parisian Dandy tour and cocktail

Parisian Dandy

Discover all there is to know about élégance à la française as you delve into the world of Parisian luxury artisans alongside your exclusive guide to design and style.

Incentive - Individuals - Groups


Claire, fashion design and tailor, shall be your exclusive guide on this journey through élégance à la français.

First, delve into the secrets of the bespoke tie-making trade behind the closed doors of a prestigious design house supplying Hermès and Chanel. 

You will gain an appreciation for the savoir-faire of this profession, first created in the court of Louis XIV, and you will learn how to tie the “Knot Lavallière” invented by the duchess of the same name, a favourite lady of the Sun King. If you participate in this experience as part of a team-building event, the members of your team will compete to tie the most beautiful knot as quickly as possible.


This experience will be complemented with a visit to Paris’ most elegant gallery for walking sticks,
where this family-run business exhibits luxury canes, prestigious parasols and umbrellas, elegantly crafted in the Auvergne region. This visit shall be interspersed with demonstrations which shed light on the quintessentially French history of the cane, with the additional possibility of a tasting session featuring Auvergne culinary fare.


To round off your Parisian Dandy experience, Claire, dressed in the style of Oscar Wilde, shall take you to the famous writer’s final residence, where you will be able to savour a cocktail in homage to artists and dandies everywhere.


Practical information:
Bespoke tie-making visit, history of the tie-making trade, tie-oriented games and activities: 1 hour
Cane gallery visit, history of the business and canes over the centuries, demonstration of “multi-purpose” canes: 1 hour
Transportation in a 1952 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith, driven by our prestigious chauffeur, dressed by our stylist

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