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Total leather look from the French fashion designer Jean-Claude Jitrois

Today, we are excited to introduce you to a remarkable French fashion designer with a unique style which blends audacity, glamour, Parisian chic, elegance and femininity, all expressed through the medium of leather.

“Jitrois”, founded by Jean-Claude Jitrois, a man who always lends his artistic inspiration to his brand, will dress you from head  to toe in leather.

This creator revolutionised leather through his streching technique, a process which makes the material thin, soft and pleasant to the touch, but also washable and ironable. Stretch-leather jackets, dresses and trousers chez Jitrois envelop a woman’s body and become like a second skin. And these clothes make you feel womanly. Very womanly indeed…

These downright sexy, stripped-down silhouettes have already seduced many a celebrity and will certainly not fail to impress.