How to best savour Champagne

How to best savour Champagne

By our partner, Ecole du Vin de France 


French champagne is a pleasure for the senses. It is a beverage that offers a fine balance of rare aromas. Intimately linked to an exceptional terroir and unique expertise, French Champagne requires careful preparation and presentation.

French champagne degustation rules

First of all, it must be served at the correct temperature, between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius (46 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit) in tall, thin glasses, Champagne flutes or wine glasses. Avoid serving it in cups, in coloured glass, or in anything else.

For full appreciation, look at it closely without swirling the glass. Watch the fine bubbles and inhale the delicate scents. You may notice a hint of fruits, flowers, and honey, even the smell of pastries. Finally, take some of the wine into your mouth and enjoy the delicate balance of the wine: subtlety and freshness.

Et voilà! Now you know the proper way to savour French Champagne and always remember the golden rule, pleasure first !