Calling all creators...

We are calling out to all talented creators and luxury professionals,
from the worlds of perfumery to french gastronomy, from haute couture
to small-scale producers, from make-up designers to sommeliers

Share your passion for your craft with your devoted customers. Meet with our connoisseurs and tell them about your creations and your world.

Our connoisseurs are modern, informed consumers who are looking to learn, participate, socialise and develop more intimate brand relationships. They are curious travellers from across the globe who wish to more deeply immerse themselves in French culture and the French way of life.

We are interested in collaborating with prominent luxury brands that are open to new forms of non-conventional communication, as well as with small-scale producers and budding creators.

Creating an exchange around your creations in a convivial and relaxed setting is what matters most to us: whether it's explaining the world of your brand, talking about the inspiration for your latest collection, revealing an incredible family history… We are here to listen so we can help you design an event, such as a creative workshop on your premises, and organise a unique encounter.

To become one of our partners please contact us.

A circle of connoisseurs is the perfect ally for giving value to your craft and creating a close relationship with the crème de la crème of your customers.