Pierre Cardin, a legendary creator

Pierre Cardin, a legendary creator

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“Talent and good taste are not enough, style is the only thing that counts.”

French creator, designer and businessman, Pierre Cardin has shaped the fashion world for almost 70 years.
 Source : bostownmodern.com
He began his career with Jeanne Paquin and then became Christian Dior’s first tailor in 1946. His first brush with success came with La Robe Bulle in 1953, a creation that caused a rupture with traditional standards and 1950's fashion.
Pierre Cardin's creations reflects art and French elegance. Fascinated by space and spherical forms, he has an insatiable taste for futurist universe and experimenting through different mediums sush as plastic.
Source : Bostownmodern, Vogue, The Red List

“Creation is a way of being”

Pierre Cardin is an audacious and enterprising businessman. He chose not to limit his creativity and his talent to Haute Couture and ready-to-wear clothing. In fact, he has developed his entreprise into others sectors, such as hotel management and restoration service, art, real estate, cosmetic and perfumery...
He owns the Château de Lacoste, wich once belonged to the Marquis de Sade, the Maxim’s in Paris and also the Palais Bulles, an impressive villa situated in the Bay of Cannes.

For his 94th birthday, he will be throwing a prestigious show in his Lacoste Château, on 9th July 2016.
Château Lacoste                                  Palais Bulles - Source : Le Figaro
Pierre Cardin also has his museum in Paris, where visitors can admire his passion for couture, accessories, jewellery and design.
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