About France with humour

About France with Humour

Jokes and funny quotes about Paris, France and the French

One of the best ways to understand foreign culture is to discover it through funny stories and jokes. We at Le Connoisseur prepared for you our own selection of funny quotes that, in our opinion, perfectly represent the French mindset, French gastronomy, French culture and the French language.


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Every Frenchman wants to enjoy one or more privileges; that’s the way he shows his passion for equality - Charles de Gaulle, French presindent (1890-1970)

France is the most civilized country in the world and doesn’t care who knows it.—John Gunther (1901-1970),  American journalist and author.

In French we don't say 'ninety nine'.....instead we say 'quatre-vingt dix neuf' which translates as 'we don't have a functional numerical system'

There's always something fishy about the French.- Noël Coward, English playwright, (1899-1973)

Going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordion. - Norman Schwarzkopf, U.S. Army general (1932-2012)


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How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?” - Charles de Gaulle, French presindent (1890-1970)

Who can help loving the land that has tauch us 685 ways to dress eggs ? - Thomas Moore (1779-1852), Irish poet and songwriter

To kill a French Vampire you need to drive a baguette through its heart. Sounds easy but the process is painstaking.

The French cook; we open tins. - John Galsworthy, English novelist and playwright (1867-1933)



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One tourist can’t remember his trip to Paris :  "I have a photographic memory but I've never developed it"

The best thing I know between France and England is the sea - Douglas Jerrold, English writer (1803-1857)

Me: I visited the French Riviera this year.  Friend: Was it horrible?  Me: No. It was Nice



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It means I'm growing old, when ladies declare war on me - King Louis XIV (1638-1715) of France after queen Anne took Britain to war against France

A French man is self-assured because he regards himself personnaly, both mind and body, as irresistibly attractive to men and women. - Leon Tolstoï (1828-1910), Russian writer in War and Peace