outstanding moments
around the french
art of living

share the
french gastronomy
The fascinating
of fashion and
luxury craft

The timeless
of Paris

Le Connoisseur creates outstanding experiences
around the french art of living .

Le Connoisseur brings together lovers of fashion, gastronomy, wine and luxury French artisanal goods through our Connoisseur days in Paris. Our original, engaging and illuminating events offer moments for sharing and discovery, making for an emotionally fulfilling experience you’ll never forget. 

Our refined connoisseurs have the opportunity to explore this fabulous world of excellence, to enjoy exclusive interactions with creators, producers and master artisans, to visit places not open to the public and to share these extraordinary experiences with others.

Explore our innovative concept, our unique encounters, our attention to each moment of your stay, and immerse yourself in the timeless enchantment of Paris…

Who would enjoy these experiences?

Our experiences and trips are aimed at demanding clients who are always searching for new impressions, surprises and awe. Even if you have already visited Paris before and feel at home in the City of Light, we can recreate the sensation of the seeing it for the first time. 

Our experiences are also tailored towards travellers who appreciate the luxury and refinement of French culture.

Our events are catered towards  savvy aficionados of French cuisine and wine, as well as for anyone who is not satisfied with merely indulging in an item of clothing, a bottle of perfume or a piece of jewellery; in other words, anyone who wants to know more about the story how a product came to be, the creator’s source of inspiration and the secret behind a product's creation. 

Our experiences are aimed at those among us who appreciate human encounters and seek genuine connections with exceptional individuals throughout their travels.

In short, Le Connoisseur is for anyone who shares our philosophy and our pioneering spirit.

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