Гастрономический тур в Париж

Гатрономический Париж,  Париж-Бургундия или Париж-Шампань
маршрут от 4 дней / 3 ночей

Если бы можно было зажечь все мишленовские звезды, то Париж точно стал бы самым светлым местом мира !

С наибольшим количеством звезд Мишлен в Европе,  Франция остается главным местом для гастрономического отдыха. Французская кухня славится своей утонченностью. Уважение к  традициям предков и использование ингредиентов высочайшего качества превращают французскую трапезу в настоящий эпикурейский опыт.



French gastronomy is famous for its mastery of time-honoured techniques and use of the most high quality ingredients, all centred around the creation of an exquisite dining experience. Haute cuisine is a distinctly French culinary tradition, characterised by the use of extravagant techniques and decadent ingredients, but of equal value are the local and regional specialities that have been cultivated throughout France. With the highest number of Michelin stars in Europe, and representing well all French regional cuisine, it is no surprise that Paris remains - and has been for years - a major destination for gastronomic experiences. 

Le Connoisseur offers you an exceptional gourmet food tour centered around the highest quality of ingredients, carefully mastered techniques, and the full spectrum of experience from haute cuisine, to patisserie, to wine. Using our industry connections and insider knowledge, we would be please to tailor-make a gourmet Paris trip for you personally.


For groups, individuals, or corporate events.

  • Have a truly exceptional gourmet experience with your own private driver and personal guides.
  • Enjoy a behind-the-scenes view of the creation of French gourmet food.
  • Taste and learn all about the delights of French wine from industry experts, in Paris’ most exceptional cellars and wine bars.
  • Visit Michelin starred restaurants as well as brand-new openings highly regarded by industry insiders.
  • Meet our guides - true connoisseurs of French gastronomy - who are willing to impart on you their unique and authentically Parisian view of food and luxury.
  • Wine and food tastings in beautiful locations. 
  • Use Le Connoisseur’s insider knowledge to enjoy dining experiences in stunning locations frequented by the Parisian elite.
  • Complete your trip with optional visits to Le Connoisseur's partners in Champagne, Provence, Bourgougne, and more. Just ask and we will be happy to accommodate you! 

Please contact us to arrange your experience.

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