Fine Art & Antiques

Fine Art & Antiques

Suitable for private individuals, team-building and incentive trips.

With its world class museums and innumerable galleries and showrooms, Paris and wider France is a feast for art-lovers and antique collectors alike. 

Whether you are interested in the world's most highly regarded museums, secretive galleries, world-class showrooms, boutique dealers or impenetrable flea markets, Le Connoisseur can help you navigate all of these. We operate expert-led gallery tours, art history tours, museum tours and more, all capable of being tailored to your interests.


Private Guided Tour of the Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, or other Paris museums. 
For individuals, small groups, and incentive trips.

The world largest art museum, the Louvre is home to the Mona Lisa, the Venus de
Milo, Michelangelo’s slaves, Vermeer’s lacemaker, a matchless collection of
Raphaels, and many other masterpieces. You will be accompanied on this tour by
an expert in art history. Private guided tours are also available for Paris’ other
major museums.




Art History Walking Tour of Paris
For individuals, small groups, and incentive trips.

See beautiful testaments to the elegant and innovative art nouveau era at metro
stations, hotels, and even a Gothic revivalist church, reflecting Paris' belle époque;
learn about the greatest urban planning achievement of the 19th century that
completely changed the face of Paris; or explore Paris' medieval monuments and
gain an insight into what life was like 800 years ago. We can provide you with an
experience of Paris designed entirely around your artistic and historical interests,
be they art nouveau, Haussman architecture, Jewish history, the medieval era,
neoclassical architecture, and more. 




Private Tours of Museums and Galeries with its Curator or Director
For individuals, small groups, and incentive trips.

Le Connoisseur can arrange private guided tours of certain Paris museums and exhibitions with its curator or director. We can also arrange guided tours of museums and monuments in complete privacy - outside of opening hours. If you have a certain interest in a particular museum or exhibition, please contact us to see what is possible to arrange.




Expert-Led Tour of Antique Markets, Boutiques or Auction Houses
For individuals, small groups, and incentive trips.

Take a trip back in time with a guided tour of one of Paris' famed markets, or through its beautiful antique showrooms and boutiques. Ranging from the sprawling, fixed-location marches aux puces (challenging for even a Parisian to navigate) to the atmospheric brocantes, to upmarket boutiques and auction houses - you will explore some of these fascinating locations with the assistance of an expert guide. This tour is fully customisable according to your interests and desired location and time frame. 




Expert-Led Tour of Independent Galleries
For individuals, small groups, and incentive trips.

The art world in Paris is more than just its major museums. Come with us on a tour of Paris' independent and boutique galleries, and gain a whole new understanding of the French creative scene. This tour will be accompanied by an art expert, and can be thoroughly adapted to your tastes and desired location.


Please contact us to arrange your experience.

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