Discover excellence

Our Philosophy

We don’t just plan trips to Paris.

Le Connoisseur is a state of mind - a circle of insiders who value authenticity, sharing, passion, and togetherness.

Our idea of luxury is both authentic and intimate. Through crafting unique events with exceptional individuals, we aspire to offer you more than just an experience. We are offering tailor-made emotion.  

We are boldly creative in our approach.

Our values are inspired by France’s fascinating culture and rich traditions.  Le Connoisseur was born from a desire to share our passion for the French art of living, an admiration for French creators, and the savoir-faire of master artisans.

In the same way artisans and creators hone their artworks, we too craft our experiences as if they were unique and inimitable objets d’art.

Building on our values and high standards – innovation, creativity and quality – Le Connoisseur invites you to discover the grands crus of our Paris events and take part in the pursuit of excellence.